New England Speculative Writers Conference Presentation

Building a Partnership with Beta Readers

April 13, 2019 | Portland Maine

Beta readers can be one of the strongest craft tools in developing stories into great works of fiction. However, cultivating and managing these readers can be time consuming, frustrating, and result in unproductive feedback. Co-Creator of BetaBooks, Paul Kilpatrick will discuss how his platform can help create and manage rich partnerships with your beta readers, while saving you time. He will also lend his expertise and experience working with beta readers to suggest how best to utilize fans to help create a polished final project.

Paul Kilpatrick has enjoyed working in the comic book industry, video games, publishing, music, and film filling various support roles including being an editor, project manager, coordinator, stage manager and assistant director, tons of logistics fun. As the co-founder of BetaBooks Paul has helped thousands of authors beta their book, many of whom are discovering the process for the first time. He enjoys jigsaw puzzles and has recently been watching the tv show Yonderland.