New England Speculative Writers Conference Presentation

Creating a Flagship Universe

April 13, 2019 | Portland Maine

What is a flagship series and why is it important? Does your book contain a world waiting to be expanded into a series? A flagship series helps to define an author and bring readers back release after release. New York Times Best Selling Author M.D. Cooper explains how his Aeon 14 universe has hooked readers, and shaped his career. He will talk about how to deelop a series, leaving strands open to continue weaving into the next series, and what the benefits are to you, your readers and your bottom line.

Reaching your Market Through Advertising

Discovery is the number one problem for authors once they’ve published. The reality of investing money to make money can be terrifying and feel like a lost cause. With so many ad platforms available to authors, where do you begin? How do you build traction and how do you make the most of your advertising dollars? New York Times Best Selling Author M.D. Cooper literally wrote the book on Facebook ads and will share tips and tricks on how to spend your money wisely for maximum exposure and return.

Michael Cooper is the creator of Aeon 14, a vast science fiction universe containing over seventy-five books written by seven different authors. These books describe a future history for humanity, one where we must learn to live with the other species in the galaxy: the AIs we created. In the far future, we’ll face many challenges, and today’s solution will always be tomorrow’s problem. But in Aeon 14, humanity and AIs strive to improve their lot and the universe at large. There is war, and strife, and pain, but there is also beauty, love, and a drive to explore and see what lies beyond the horizon.

With over half a million books sold or borrowed, Aeon 14 is a significant presence on the science fiction landscape, one that creator Michael Cooper will continue to expand, bringing more authors and characters into the fold and to life as the stories of the valiant heroes that make up Aeon 14 increase in scope and volume.

In addition to creating Aeon 14, Michael also has a passion for marketing and advertising, and teaches classes on how to get your book in front of more readers and get them to buy.