New England Speculative Writers Conference Presentation

Connecting & Growing Artist Partnerships

April 13, 2019 | Portland Maine

Cover art is one of the most important elements when it comes to book selling, but does the partnership end at book covers? Are there other areas where art can enrich your brand and help build a visual presence? For those brave enough to explore comic tie-ins, how does writing a novel differ from a script and what should you consider when selecting your artist? Amanda Kahl, author and artist of the webcomic, Age of Night, will discuss how to establish a connection with your artist and utilize their talents while exploring visual outlets for your brand that goes beyond cover work.

Amanda Kahl is the primary writer and sole artist for the ongoing fantasy webcomic Age of Night. Amanda also works as a freelance illustrator, primarily in the tabletop gaming industry, and has provided illustrations for projects from Gallant Knight Games, Skirmisher Publishing, Fearlight Games, the City of Bangor, and many more. She lives deep in the woods of Maine and works from her home studio between raising children, gardens, and chickens.