The New England Speculative Writers Conference is a hybrid educational and networking event. We’re excited to discuss what’s happening with the event and wanted to answer questions from folks. The video above addresses all the questions, but for those who prefer to skim and read, we’ve written them out below as well.

Who is presenting:

  • NYT Best Seller Author M.D. Cooper / AEON 14 Series
  • USA Today Best Seller Author Chris Philbrook / Adrian’s Undead Diary
  • Award Winning Author E.J. Stevens / Ivy Granger Psychic Detective
  • Director of Kobo Writing Life Christine Munroe
  • BetaBooks Co-Founder Paul Kilpatrick
  • Author and Artist Amanda Kahl Age of Night
  • Author Jeremy Flagg / Children of Nostradamus
  • hosted by C.L. Alden Author of The Empire

Why hold the conference in Portland, Maine?

We considered many factors when looking at where we wanted to host the conference. One of the biggest factors was proximity to other events. Boston hosts a variety of events for authors, but none of them are convenient for authors in the northern reaches of New England. We also wanted to consider the cost of the event while keeping it a small intimate event. Being located in Portland, there are plenty of locations for food, inexpensive room and board, and none of the anxiety-riddled commuting necessary to getting to the “big” city.

Why the Double Tree?

Because of the diversity of the authors we hope to accommodate, we needed to find a location that allowed for that while still fulfilling our needs. The space we’re using is near exits for people needing a break from the event and uses light that won’t promote migraines.  It also has great spacious bathrooms for nursing moms or for folks with mobility issues.

Along with the space, it also has plenty of space for break out conversations. We are strongly urging attendees to avoid using hotel rooms for meetings and keeping professional conduct on the ground floor. Because of this, we needed plenty of nooks and crannies where people can have private conversations and not feel as if it was a screaming match to be heard. Double Tree also provides a group room rate of $109 AND allows you to get the room online (for those of us who hate making phone calls.)

How is this different from other conferences?

We’re not only creating an educational event, but an opportunity to network, collaborate, and build professional relationships with other authors. To help build this sense of community, we’re hosting one presenter at a time. This reduces the anxiety of choosing workshops and allows you to discuss the presentation with your fellow attendees.

After each presenter we’ll host a small Q&A and give people a chance to chat, collaborate and move about the room to network with people of interest. This will give people a chance to talk and feel out the room without committing to lengthy conversations early in the day.

The dinner genre will break the ice for those of us with anxiety about meeting with strangers. Grouped with folks in your genre will give you a chance to discuss things that work for your specific genre (not all businesses follow the same path) and help create connections with people in your genre.

Why limit participants?

There is only so much time and so much ability to work the room. By limiting to 100 participants, it gives you a reasonable number of people to talk with (but not so few you’ll feel isolated.) This number also makes it possible to get one-on-one time with each of the presenters and be able to ask questions specific to your situation.

Harassment Policy

No. Means. No.

We do not condone or tolerate harassment of any kind. To help prevent awkward situations we are asking for the conference to remain on the ground floor. We are also well aware situations may arise that need attention. We will address them swiftly and if necessary, remove participants from the conference.

Payment Plan Option

We know that money is always tight and it’s difficult to decide where to invest your hard-earned dollars. To help soften the blow to your wallet, we are offering to split the $125 registration fee into four equal payments of $31.25. This offer expires December 15th, so make sure to take advantage while you can.

What are the digital presentations?

We ran out of time for workshops during this one-day event. Why stop learning just because the conference is over? Because we want to make sure all registrants are getting more than their money’s worth. The digital presentations will be available to watch at your leisure.

Who are the sponsors!

The following companies are sponsoring the New England Speculative Writers Conference and offering some great gifts for everybody joining us!