Retreats are an amazing way for NESW members to find like-minded authors to partake in communal writing time. Retreats may change locations and move depending on availability and cost. Currently, thanks to one of our members we have an on-going space in Central Massachusetts (just west of Worcester.) Each retreat will have a designated “leader” who will help set the tone and conduct business such as meal prep and household duties if necessary. Each retreat can and will have a different tone, some quiet and writing focused, and some conversational and author focused. This will be discussed with the participants and thanks to the spaces we utilize, it can serve many roles to the participants.

We require six slots for each to be filled to run that particular date. Cost is $100 for Paid Members and $125 for Free Members. Registration is non-refundable but can be transferred. Money will be refunded if we can not fill all six slots.

2019 Retreat Dates:

August 2 – 4 (6 People Required)

Arrival time is Friday August 2nd afternoon with a departure Sunday August 3rd. Weekend requires six signups. If there is more interest, a waiting list will be created. 

Paid Members

Free Members

September 27 – 29 (6 People Required)

Arrival time is Friday September 27th afternoon with a departure Sunday September 29th. Weekend requires six signups. If there is more interest, a waiting list will be created.

Paid Members

Free Members

Starfield Farm is a private home in central Massachusetts nestled on 54 acres of land in Gilbertville. Located just east of the Quabbin reservoir, midway between Worcester and Amherst, this location is the perfect spot to hunker down and get some writing done.

What’s Included

  • All attendees have a private / semi private room
  • Beds have linens, blankets, & pillows
  • Access to multiple areas to set up “writing camps” (It’s spacious!)
  • Three full bathrooms
  • Includes stocked kitchen with dishes and a staple pantry
  • Dining room for community dinners
  • Heat / AC
  • Internet / Wifi
  • Outdoor community space

What’s Not Included

  • Main meals (can either order food or bring food to prepare)
  • Alcohol
  • Writing devices