The Preview Collection is a downloadable eBook featuring members’ short stories or sample chapters of their available novels. The purpose of the collection is to give potential readers an opportunity to read an author’s work before committing to a purchase. Depending on the number of submissions the books may be divided by Fantasy or Science Fiction. However, if not enough submissions are given, they will be joined into a single book. This book is acquirable by joining the NESW Reader List. This is the same list used to promote authors’ new releases. 

The Preview book is available for Paid Members. To submit your work, log onto your account and go to forms and submit to the Preview Collection. Each author will be allowed a single submission each year (12 months). Works will be added on a continuing basis throughout the year (cycling from the back toward the front as works are added and removed.) Once a story or excerpt has been part of the Preview Collection for a year, it will be removed and the author will have the option of adding a new selection. Each author is permitted to include a a purchase link and link to join their individual mailing lists at the end of their story. Please be aware that authors currently enrolled in Kindle Select can only submit up to 20% of their novel before Amazon will consider you in breach of contract.