LGBT Representation: What it Is, What it Isn’t, and Why it Matters.

By definition, LGBT representation involves having characters of the LGBTQIA spectrum play a leading role in a story—or all of the roles. LGBT folk...

NESW Conference – What to Expect

The New England Speculative Writers Conference is a hybrid educational and networking event. We're excited to discuss what's happening with the...

Writing Healthy – It’s all about routine

Routine. The most hated and feared word of people everywhere. Routine? Routine is the essence of boredom, the same thing being done repeatedly...

Tracking The Words

This came up recently on the Facebook page and the timing was pretty good as I'd been thinking of writing about this topic anyways. Up until...

The New England Speculative Writers is dedicated to supporting authors and industry professionals in the New England region. Learn more about the organization below:

New England Speculative Writers offers a free or paid membership, each with different perks & benefits. The only requirement for membership is residency within New England.

Join the New England Speculative Writers on April 13, 2019 in Portland, Maine for this interactive conference & networking event. Learn from professionals & expand your writing career.

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