We’re all looking for ways to grow our mailing lists. More often than not, services promising subscribers either turn out to be a waste of money or provide subscribers that want little more than to grab your free “stuff.” I’ve been using Instafreebie for six months now, and I’m convinced it’s a service that brings fans to writers. With Instafreebie, fans of a particular genre have a way to try freebies or just samples to get a flavor of an author before they commit to a purchase. While they’re testing the waters, you can snag their emails and through your charming personality, win them over on your mailing list.

Some quick tips:

  • Cover:¬†Your cover matters more than ever. With the way Instafreebie is used, the cover is what makes or breaks your book. It’s often the only aspect shown to lure in a reader. This is where I’ve seen authors with horrible covers fall short. Instafreebie can’t cure the lackluster.
  • Call-to-Action: At the end of your freebie, make sure you give the reader directions on how to continue. If they loved your sample, make it easy for them to click a link and buy the whole book. Let them know how many books are in the series. You don’t need to include your mailing list here, because they’ve already joined through Instafreebie. So make sure you’re cashing in on fans who love your work.
  • Freebie-Grabbers: There is no easy way to combat the user who only wants free stuff and will never pay. Instafreebie does a good job of making an “optional” opt-in button. This means only people who WANT to join your list can. This combined with some mailing list management tricks can help avoid those freebie grabbers. However, every now and then, a grabber becomes a fan!
  • Promote Instafreebie: The best thing about Instafreebie is their commitment to not only the readers, but the authors. Promote other books being hosted by Instafreebie and group giveaways and every now and then, Instafreebie does you a solid and promotes back. It’s a great way to help build a partnership and with a single Instafreebie tweet, you can watch your numbers skyrocket!