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When building a list, there is always the question, “Where do we find our subscribers?” And even if you’re getting subscribers, the question becomes, “How do I get quality subscribers?” Thankfully, I’ve started venturing into this as a primary method of communicating with my fans. I make it a point to cultivate relationships and engage my readership using my newsletter. The results over the past year have gone to a list that served no purpose other than aggravation to a list that helps my career and provides me with great connections to readers.

During this video, we talk about how to increase your subscribers. It’s not easy, and it will require work. There is no fast method. Prepare to invest your time into it. Like all other marketing, what works is not quick or easy (and sometimes not free.) The reason social media has become a black hole is because any person can create a page and shout from the rooftops.

Want homework to start moving in the right direction?

  • Go to your website and make sure your viewers can quickly get to your mailing list at least two different ways. Make sure they understand what they’re getting.
  • Add a signup on your Facebook page and send out a Facebook post and tweet on how people can join. Make sure they know the benefits and rewards. Tackle the simple and easy first.
  • Include a Call-To-Action in the back of your novels. Give them the link to your website sign up (it’ll mean they’re visiting your website AND signing up.) Do this for all the books you have the ability to change.