It is without a doubt that an author’s mailing list is one of the most important marketing tools at our disposal. It has the ability to connect fans to authors, provide new insight into the author’s world and allow fans to learn more about their literary crushes. The upsides are plentiful, and because of that, we will be spending several videos on how to begin, cultivate, grow, manage and connect with your subscribers.

If you are looking for a service to help grow your mailing list, there are many out there, however, for the sake of this series we will be using Mailerlite. I have used several but without a doubt, Mailerlite has provided me the most straight-forward user experience and saved me countless hours while managing my lists.

Your homework after this video? Start your first mailing list. Reach out to your friends and family and ask if they would like to join. Send out some Facebook posts and Tweets. Within a week, you’ll have your first fifty fans. Don’t worry if you only get one or two, we’ll be continuing this series with methods to help you grow, expand, and manage that list. Ultimately, we want your mailing list making sales and growing your fanbase!