Instafreebie Tutorial

Instafreebie Tutorial

This is a sample of an Instafreebie Giveaway Page. Readers click on the cover image and then if they want the “freebie” they supply their email address.

An authors most useful tool is without a doubt their mailing list. Whether you’re a traditionally published or self-published author, this list belongs to you. These are people who have shown an interest in you and have the potential to become lifelong fans. Everybody’s list starts somewhere, but it’s great to start building it up (even before you publish) and continue adding names throughout your career. Mailing lists are the universal truth for all authors.

How does this work?

To participate, you will need to have an Instafreebie Plus account and mail service such as Mailerlite (I highly recommend Mailerlite over Mailchimp.) Instafreebie is a service specific to authors that allows you to upload a story (a whole story OR a few sample chapters of a book) and for readers to get their free copy, they must supply their email address. At the end of the promotion, you will have the email of every person who downloaded your book.

Get Mailerlite (or Mailchimp)

  1. It’s free if you have under 2,000 people. Mailerlite I find is the better option if you’re going to choose one (I’ve tested them both now.) You must have at least ONE subscriber list for this process.
  2. Click Subscribers.
  3. Create Add New Group. Unless you’re a pro with mailing lists, I’m going to help you avoid some heartache later. Create a group JUST for Instafreebie promotions. Label it something obvious: Instafreebie Purgatory is my list for all promotions done in this manner. If you follow this, I’ll walk you through another tutorial on how to vet your emails and avoid getting those pesky readers who just want free material and will NEVER buy your book.
  4. Once it’s made, you’re ready to hop over to Instafreebie.

Integrate MailerLite (or Mailchimp) to Instafreebie

  1. Click your name in the top right and go to “settings.”
  2. Click “Mail Service Integration.”
  3. Click Connect to Mailerlite or Connect to MailChimp.
  4. Walk through the connection process.

Steps to Add Book to Instafreebie

  1. Click your name in the top right and go to “Dashboard.”
  2. Click Add Book.
  3. Upload your book. You will need an ePub file to upload. You can get this by using Scrivener, Pages, inDesign or the conversion feature in Calibre)
    1. If your book is in Kindle Unlimited, you can only upload 10% of your book, so it’s the first few chapters.
    2. At the end of your sample, you could include links to your books on Amazon or to your website.
    3. Make sure if you’re uploading a sample, you are adjusting your table of contents accordingly.
  4. Cover. This is what people will see when they go to click on your book so make it count. You can use royalty free stock imagery to make a quick cover. Just remember, readers do indeed judge a book by its cover.
  5. Put in a compelling description. This is your hook and what will compel people to download your book.
  6. Once you’ve filled in everything: Add Book.

Steps to Add your First Giveaway

  1. Click your name in the top right and go to “Dashboard.”
  2. Click the book you want to give away for this promotion.
  3. Click New Giveaway.
  4. Click “Reach New Readers.”
  5. Give the name, “XYZ Giveaway,” Click the Mailing list you created for this (I use Instafreebie Purgatory,) Click Instafreebie Exclusive (unless you’re giving this book away elsewhere) and you MUST click Mandatory Opt-In.

How to Join a NESW Giveaway with your Book

  1. You must have the link (supplied by the admin) to join a NESW giveaway. You can find this in the FB Group or in the Mailing lists. If you have any questions, please email us.

You set up your first promotion with Instafreebie!


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