Category Dates Time Location
Reading 03/29/19 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm Silver Unicorn

We are thrilled to have local author, Anders Cahill, come for a reading of his science fiction novel, Gradient.

Would you leave behind everything you know to start a new world? Would you destroy that world to save everything you believe in? 

Born on the moon of Verygone, on the distant edge of the galaxy, Oren Siris is a loner and a dreamer, yearning for a life beyond his humble home. When an interstellar ship arrives, it will take him on a journey across the stars to the shores of an undiscovered planet. Oren and his team strive to build peace with the indigenous peoples of this beautiful new world, but some unseen force works against their every effort, driving them to the very brink of war.

 “A heroic cosmic odyssey… that approaches the sublime in sci-fi lyricism. Textured with the stuff of legend, stirring and ultimately melancholy.” – Kirkus Reviews